Welcoming Costa Rica's Green Season

Welcoming Costa Rica's Green Season

6th May 2014

We’re welcoming Costa Rica’s green season here in Manuel Antonio! While Costa Rica is known as a tropical and sunny paradise year round, many people prefer cooler temperatures, don’t mind a little rain and take advantage of the green season benefits in Costa Rica.

Keep in mind that even during the green season, although the rain tends to cool temperatures a bit, it doesn’t rain all that much in Costa Rica. Usually there is still sun during the day, with rainfall at night or in the late afternoon.

During green season the already splendid nature of Costa Rica becomes even more beautiful. It is truly Mother Nature at her best.

If you don’t like crowds, the green season is perfect for you. During this time there are a lot less tourists traveling so whether you’re visiting Manuel Antonio’s beaches or our impressive rainforest, you stand a better chance of solitude plus more personalized attention at restaurants, hotels and on tours/activities.

At night, after you’ve enjoyed live music and a delicious dinner at our restaurant, be prepared to be entertained by a thunderstorm. You’ll be lulled to sleep in Costa Rica during green season. As you snuggle under the covers, listen to the gentle rainfall and well, you won’t be listening for long. When you wake up in the morning, the sight of Costa Rica at dawn is magical. Greenery is dripping with freshness and as you take a breath, fragrant cool air fills your lungs.

While Costa Rica is perfect for swimmers and surfers all year round, during green season the water and the waves swell bigger and better!

And if you’re a fruit lover, you’re in luck. Costa Rica offers a wealth of fruit and vegetables, many of which are only ripe for the picking after summer. And we’ve got some of the best fresh fruit juices and smoothies in Manuel Antonio!

We invite you to sit back and relax with a cup of Costa Rican coffee and see the clouds gather, feel a splash of rain and watch how nature puts on a show across the skies.

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