Gift Sets

  • Pura Vida Package

    Pura Vida Package

    Introducing the Pura Vida Package—an exquisite blend of flavor, style, and sustainability that brings th…

  • Espresso Party

    Espresso Party

    For the espresso lover, our Espresso Party gift set includes 2 bags of Café Milagro Espresso and a set …

  • Café Milagro Sampler Set

    Café Milagro Sampler Set

    Get a perfect sampling of the great coffees we offer along with a signature Café Milagro ceramic coffee…

  • Good to Go

    Good to Go

    For those who enjoy their Milagro on the go, grab a Good to Go gift set and make sure you're always prepared f…

  • Costa Rica Lover

    Costa Rica Lover

    A Taste of Paradise for anyone wanting to share or reminisce about the beautiful flavors of Costa Rica! Inclu…

  • Holiday Cabin Relief

    Holiday Cabin Relief

    Before you hibernate for the winter or lock yourself away in your winter cabin, grab one of our Holiday Cabin …

  • 3-2-1 Travel

    3-2-1 Travel

    Get ready to take on the adventures of travel with 3 bags of coffee, 2 bags of chocolate (coffee beans & p…

  • 12 Days of Cheer

    12 Days of Cheer

    Ring in 2023 with the perfect setup for a year of success and happiness. Our 12 Days of Cheer gift set provide…

  • Milagro Collector

    Milagro Collector

    For the Café Milagro fan who really loves our mugs and wants to ensure you always have the latest editi…

  • Perfect House Guest

    Perfect House Guest

    Visiting family or friends and looking for the perfect gift for your host? Our Perfect House Guest gift set of…

  • Tote Your Coffee

    Tote Your Coffee

    5 Café Milagro Coffees of your choice and a Café Milagro cotton tote. A great gift for coffee l…

  • I Can See Clearly Now

    I Can See Clearly Now

    Enjoy 4 bags of Costa Rica's finest coffees, along with two of our favorite glass Vidrio coffee mugs! Caution…

  • Perfect Pair

    Perfect Pair

    In this case two is better than one and you can't go wrong! Enjoy 2 Café Milagro coffees of your c…

  • Coffee & Chocolate

    Coffee & Chocolate

    6 Café Milagro coffees of your choice, one bag of dark chocolate covered coffee beans, one bag of choco…

  • Bistro Barista

    Bistro Barista

    A new look to one of our most popular gift sets, the Bistro Barista lets you choose the six (6) coffees you lo…