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The Natural Process is the oldest method of processing coffee after harvest. Growers have rediscovered this process and the results are like nothing you've ever experienced in a cup of coffee! In the Natural Process, the entire coffee cherry is left intact to dry in the sun. The skin and pulp ferment and impart peculiar flavors that may include fermented grapes, strawberries, blackberries, black tea, and lemon. In other words, everything except that traditional "coffee flavor" most people are accustomed to. Our Natural coffee series are limited edition coffees and the cornucopia of exotic flavors will vary with each new batch.

To learn more about the unique profiles of natural coffees and to understand if they're right for you, read our blogpost.


Tasting Notes: Strawberry and chocolate fragrance, blueberry and pineapple aroma, black tea, cherry wine and lemon flavors, pronounced but balanced acidity.

Origin: Puente Tarrazú micromill, Tarrazú region

Process: Natural Process

Roast: Medium

Each bag of Café Milagro coffee has a net weight of 340-grams/12-ounces. Complimentary coffee scoop included with all first-time orders.