The Naranjo Coffee Region

The Naranjo Coffee Region

15th Oct 2021

The Naranjo region in the West Valley of Costa Rica is famous for producing some of the country’s best coffees. Remarkably, just one square kilometer in Naranjo has produced four Cup of Excellence winners, making the Naranjo province one of the most important coffee regions in Costa Rica!

The origin of the name Naranjo goes back to 1833 when the first colonizer who arrived in the region, Judas Tadeo Corrales Saénz, found a plethora of orange groves in the middle of the thicket of the forest. For this reason he named the site Los Naranjos. Over the course of time when the canton was founded in 1867, it was assigned only the name of Naranjo.

This city of 35,000 is an important agricultural hub, mainly the cultivation of coffee, ideal for creating an absolutely perfect coffee bean.

Our new NARANJO blend by Café Milagro is from one of our favorite growers in this micro-region. The Vista al Valle plantation produced a 1st Place Cup of Excellence coffee the very first year they entered the competition. NARANJO by Café Milagro has a rich, nutty fragrance, buttery aroma, balanced acidity and notes of citrus.