Shade Grown Coffee Farmers of Costa Rica are Proven World Leaders in Environmental Stewardship

Shade Grown Coffee Farmers of Costa Rica are Proven World Leaders in Environmental Stewardship

12th Dec 2014

The work of the Costa Rican coffee farmers to reclaim lands and traditional healing ways of agriculture is inspiring and truly a model of restoration that would benefit so many countries to learn more about. Clear cutting had replaced traditional shaded growing in areas when it was decided that the financial gains were worth the risks to the environment and justified a move towards a more modern and worldly way of doing farming. That has proven not to be true, and restoring the landscape in a purposeful and humane way has proven to be possible in a shorter time than one might have imagined, and with great and flourishing success in all areas! Ecosystems have been reestablished and coffee plant varieties that cannot tolerate full sun are flourishing once again in these newly restored habitats.

The shade grown coffee crops produced in Costa Rica are known to be some of the best in the world.

The debate about quality flavor and shade grown crops is over! Taste tests are complete and people all over the world love the flavor and satisfaction of shade grown coffee. The flavor produced by shade growing has become widely appreciated. With a return to the traditional shade grown coffee planting systems has come a renewed appreciation for the flavor of traditional Costa Rican coffee!

The healing impact that shade growing has had on the habitat for birds and animals is tremendous!

Shade growing in Costa Rica has created a phenomenal and flourishing habitat for birds, animals and insects. Creating, cultivating and preserving the shade canopy has proven to be a very worthwhile investment. Protecting our natural resources, and investing the time and resources to restore habitats, benefits the entire world. The canopy being created by shade growing coffee farmers in Costa Rica is a model of responsible husbandry and true stewardship. A model that many other countries are now incorporating as part of their farming techniques. The shade canopies allow for vital, balanced ecosystems, healthier plants, healthier people, and delicious café!

Since 1994, Cafe Milagro has been working with small, independent growers to source the finest coffees Costa Rica has to offer.