The Origin of Coffeehouses

The Origin of Coffeehouses

4th Jul 2014

Coffee is so commonplace throughout a lot of the world today that many people don’t even consider the long and rich history behind it. Some sources trace the exact origin of coffee to Ethiopia, but coffee truly became popular in the Middle East. The cultivation of coffee began during the fifteenth century in Arabia. Over the course of the next hundred years, the cultivation and trade in coffee began to occur throughout the Middle East.

The origin of coffeehouses and the private consumption of coffee became commonplace in the Middle East during this time period. People visited the coffee houses looking for good conversation, games of chess, and musical performances, in addition to the coffee. Indeed, coffee houses have a long history behind them, and the seemingly modern practice of having a morning coffee was established hundreds of years ago.

In the seventeenth century, coffee houses became part of European culture. As the eighteenth century ended, people all around the world were building entire fortunes on the coffee crop. Europeans took their practice of coffee consumption to the New World, which helped set the stage for the modern practice of drinking coffee. The demand for coffee only increased during the twentieth century. Today, coffee is still one of the world’s most important crops.

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