National Parks Day in Costa Rica

National Parks Day in Costa Rica

19th Aug 2014

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica is known for its picturesque landscapes, including beautiful white sand beaches, majestic mountains, tropical forests with lush foliage, and more than 109 species of animals and 184 species of birds, marking it a popular destination for tourists and Ticos alike.

However, did you know that Costa Rica in general has 126 protected areas, 28 of which are national parks and three have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Costa Rica’s national parks are considered to be treasures by native Costa Ricans. Every August 24, Costa Rica observes National Park Day. On this day, admission to our national parks is free. School children may spend the day learning special lessons about protecting Costa Rica’s natural resources and learning about the environment.

Manual Antonio National Park, located in the Central Pacific Conservation Area on the Pacific Coast, is one of Costa Rica’s most popular national parks and is located just down the street from our restaurant. Known for its impressive landscape and beautiful beaches, Manual Antonio National Park attracts 150,000 visitors annually, and in 2011 Forbes listed it as among one of the World’s 12 Most Beautiful National Parks.

The perfect site for hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, bird watching, and many more outdoor activities, why not plan on spending National Parks Day at Manuel Antonio National Park? If none of the above activities appeal to you, there is always a guided tour to observe the beautiful landscape and numerous species of animals and birds. You could even volunteer with a group to spend the day helping clean up the beaches and helping to preserve one of our most precious treasures in Costa Rica.

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