National Coffee Day in Costa Rica

National Coffee Day in Costa Rica

5th Sep 2014

What is the best way to celebrate National Coffee Day in Costa Rica? The obvious answer is to drink coffee from Costa Rica, and lots of it. As you enjoy your first or second cup today, take a moment and ponder what it takes to get your favorite brew to your mug.

The lush rolling hills of Costa Rica have been the home to coffee beans since the 1700s. The beans develop a mild, slightly acidic taste from the fertile volcanic soil of the region.

As you bring your mug up, and smell the delicious aroma, think about this: the Arabica bean was first grown in Costa Rica’s Central Valley where the combination of altitude, soil and climate made for an ideal environment. Since that time, coffee has played a significant role in the development of Costa Rica. With that in mind, enjoy your second cup!

The National Coffee Association USA credits Costa Rica with consistently producing a high quality coffee due to quality processing and conscientious growing methods. Coffee lovers have described Costa Rican coffee as having a perfect balance between body and acidity.

Now that the history lesson is out of the way, and you’re eyeing the coffee pot for the third cup, let’s spend some time thinking of the best way to celebrate National Coffee Day. After all, a cup alone is good, but cups shared with family and friends are even better. We think you should place your recurring order with Café Milagro and then you’ll never be out of our delicious freshly roasted coffee.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this day, the goal should be to bring a little bit of Costa Rica and pura vida into your life. Lift your mug high and thank your lucky stars that someone, somewhere harnessed the power of the bean. Happy Coffee Day!

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