Meet Rafa, One of Our Great Chefs

Meet Rafa, One of Our Great Chefs

14th Oct 2014

Rafa is another one of our long term team members, having worked for Café Milagro for the last 6 years and lived in Quepos for the last 25 years. He loves working for Café Milagro because it is a good, solid and well run business, and has high standards for quality.

He thinks it’s special compared to other restaurants because it is a stable restaurant having opened nearly 20 years ago and a place where Adrienne and Lance not only value their customers but also their team members. Everyone on the team works together and does their job well; there is a lot of trust and support.

In his free time, Rafa enjoys boxing, fishing, mountain biking, and loves studying everything related to cooking. He says all of the food is excellent but his favorites are the cerdo de barbacoa and regular coffee.

One fond memory he has was the transition of converting Café Milagro from a small café to a restaurant. It was such a great success and something he is proud to be a part of. He has a dream to own his own restaurant, and one day would like to do a food tour around Latin America.

Based in Costa Rica, Cafe Milagro is your direct source for premium, single origin, estate grown, micro milledcoffees.