Exploring the Rich Coffee Regions of Costa Rica

Exploring the Rich Coffee Regions of Costa Rica

14th Jul 2023

Costa Rica is renowned for its exceptional coffee, which is celebrated for its rich flavor, balanced acidity, and distinct regional characteristics. Nestled in the heart of Central America, this vibrant country boasts diverse coffee-growing regions that contribute to its reputation as a coffee lover's paradise. 

In this blog post, we will take a journey through the different coffee regions of Costa Rica, delving into their unique attributes and exploring the flavors that make each one special.


Located in the southern region of Costa Rica, Tarrazú is arguably the most famous coffee region in the country. Its high-altitude farms, nestled between the Talamanca Mountains, are bathed in a microclimate that nurtures exceptional coffee. Tarrazú coffee is known for its full body, bright acidity, and enchanting aroma. With hints of chocolate, citrus, and floral notes, Tarrazú beans produce a complex cup that embodies the essence of Costa Rican coffee.


Located in the West Valley region, Naranjo is celebrated for its high-quality Arabica coffee. Naranjo's coffee plantations benefit from the region's rich volcanic soil and a unique microclimate. The coffee produced here showcases a vibrant acidity, medium body, and delightful fruity flavors. With notes of citrus, red berries, and a hint of caramel, Naranjo coffee offers a captivating and balanced cup that delights the senses.


Situated in the mountainous region of the Los Santos zone, Dota produces some of Costa Rica's most prized coffee beans. The high altitudes and cool temperatures create an ideal environment for slow coffee bean development, resulting in exceptional flavor complexity. Dota coffee is renowned for its full-bodied nature, bright acidity, and intriguing flavors of dark chocolate, tropical fruits, and hints of floral undertones. The coffee from Dota captures the essence of Costa Rican coffee craftsmanship.


Nestled in the southeastern part of Costa Rica, Chirripó is home to the country's highest peak, Mount Chirripó. This region's high altitude and cool climate create the perfect conditions for slow coffee bean maturation. Chirripó coffee is renowned for its crisp acidity, medium body, and delightful citrus flavors. With hints of lemon, orange, and a touch of caramel, Chirripó coffee delivers a refreshing and vibrant cup that embodies the essence of Costa Rican coffee craftsmanship.

Central Valley

Encompassing the region around Costa Rica's capital, San José, the Central Valley is a significant coffee-growing region renowned for its accessibility and diverse coffee profiles. The coffee from the Central Valley typically exhibits a medium body, balanced flavors, and bright acidity. Notes of chocolate, nuts, and citrus fruits intertwine to create a harmonious cup. With its versatility and wide availability, Central Valley coffee forms the backbone of Costa Rican coffee production.

Costa Rica's coffee regions offer a fascinating journey through diverse landscapes, microclimates, and flavors. From the renowned Tarrazú to the versatile Central Valley, each coffee-growing region of Costa Rica has its own unique attributes that contribute to the country's reputation for producing exceptional coffee. Exploring the different regions allows Café Milagro coffee lovers to experience the nuances and flavors that make Costa Rican coffee so highly regarded worldwide.

So, grab a cup of Costa Rican coffee today and embark on a journey of taste and discovery!