Earth Tip #3: Get a Reusable Travel Mug!

Earth Tip #3: Get a Reusable Travel Mug!

16th Apr 2016

If you’re like us, we bet you like to start every day with a fresh cup of coffee (or two or three). And, we’d guess many of you work in offices that have a good supply of mugs to use. But what about when you’re on the road or commuting to your workplace? Or on the weekends when you are really craving that skinny vanilla latte while out for an afternoon stroll? Do you have a reusable coffee mug that you travel with, eliminating the need for a paper or styrofoam cup? If not, we hope you’ll consider changing your mind!

Here are just a few reasons to consider using a reusable coffee cup:

Styrofoam: According to the EPA, 25 billion styrofoam cups are thrown away each year in the US and have the potential to stay in a landfill for a good 500 years! Styrofoam is made from polystyrene, a petroleum derived material. In addition to the harm done to the planet both during production and after its disposal, styrene is also considered carcinogenic and has been shown to leach from polystyrene, especially when the inside liquid is hot (like with coffee).

Paper Cups: Even though paper may seem like a better choice than styrofoam, paper cups are typically lined with a type of plastic called polyethylene so the cup won't just turn to mush. Unfortunately, the glue used to hold those paper cups together partially dissolves when the coffee is poured into the cup, releasing trace amounts of toxins, such as melamine, into the coffee. And unlike newspaper and cardboard boxes, disposable paper cups are not recyclable because of the combination of materials. Not to mention the 20 million trees that are cut down each year to make disposable coffee cups.

Plastic Cups for Iced Coffee: The plastic cups used for to-go iced coffees are made from #5 polypropylene plastic. Although they are technically recyclable, most curbside programs won't accept this type of plastic.

So if you're an avoid 'on-the-go' coffee drinker, we highly recommend that you consider adding a reusable travel mug to your collection. You'll be making a positive impact on the planet every single day.

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