8 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

8 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

5th Jun 2014

A day set aside by the United Nations’ to promote awareness of the environment, World Environment Day (WED), will be celebrated this year in over 100 countries on June 5, 2014. People worldwide are encouraged to do something good for the environment on this day. After celebrating the Earth, World Oceans Day on June 8th gives the people opportunity to find a way to protect the oceans. There are so many ways to help protect the earth. Listed below are eight ways to celebrate World Environment Day and World Oceans Day and do your part to support our precious planet.

  1. Learn more about protecting the environment and oceans by studying plants, animals, and fish life. Talk with your community and share social media posts related to these days.
  2. Grow your own garden with vegetables, herbs and spices to cut down on wasteful packaging that contributes to the earth’s landmines.
  3. Organize bins for recycling plastic, paper and metal and recycle these items regularly. Other items can be reused, such as, plastic containers.
  4. Cook at home– it’s not only healthier, but it also cuts down on waste of paper products used at fast food restaurants.
  5. Cut back on beef, its production uses a lot more water than many other foods, such as wheat and potatoes.
  6. Choose sustainable fish to consume that are in abundance and caught in environmentally-friendly ways.
  7. Wear blue and tell two (slogan by The Ocean Project) encourages people to wear blue clothing and share two ways to help protect the oceans.
  8. Visit a local ocean, or for those that are not near one, an aquarium or other place with sea life.

Cafe Milagro is proud to be Costa Rica’s first member of 1% for the Planet. In September of 2006, we joined a small group of concerned businesses around the world who pledged to donate 1% of sales to the conservation of our planet. By 2010, our global community had grown to 1,200 sustainable businesses in over 38 countries!