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Celebrating Labor Day with Cafe Milagro

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People in Costa Rica, and many other countries around the world, celebrate Labor Day on the first of May. Traditionally, May 1st is dedicated to the international labor movement. Parades are held throughout the day and most of the country, especially those in schools and government, have the day off. Many people will get outside to play outdoor sports and games and have picnics with delicious traditional food. Citizens use the day as an opportunity to unwind after all of their hard work as well as a reminder of their labor rights.

While most of the tourism industry remains open on May 1, here at Cafe Milagro we close for Labor Day, and offer a day of celebration and fun to honor our team. Each year, we choose a different activity and this time, we enjoyed a night at Byblos Hotel. We held a pool tournament, played Jenga, sang karaoke, ate pizza and wings. Everyone had a super fun time and it was a great way to celebrate with our team and truly recognize them for all their hard work. Even Colita, our resident dog, got involved and enjoyed some Karaoke fun!

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